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    Enlistment Location:     Richmond - 20th Jan 1900
    Rank:                    Company Quartermaster Sergeant
    Regiment:               Yorkshire Regiment
    Battalion:               4th
    Number:               100
    Medals:               Queens Medal, 1914-15 Star, Allied Victory Medal, British Medal 1914-18
    Type of Casualty:          Wounded near Ypres, died next day
    Death Location:          Boulogne General Hospital
    Theatre of War:          Western European Theatre
    Burial:               Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
    Plot:                    Plot 8, Row A, 340
    Notes:               Corporal of 1st Volunteer Company (Yorkshire
    Regiment) Boer War

    Interests - Dancing Master, Member of Stokesley Volunteer Band and Vice-Captain of the Stokesley Cricket Team

    He enjoyed a successful military career, serving as a volunteer (Corporal 7290 of the 1st Volunteer Company of the Yorkshire Regiment) in the Boer War. His enlistment papers record that he signed on at Richmond on 20th January, 1900, at the age of 26 years and 3 months. He gave his Trade or Calling as Blacksmith, obviously having learned the trade from his stepfather. His medical inspection tells us that he was over 5' 8'' tall and weighed 131 pounds. His chest size was given as 34'' and he was said to have a fresh complexion, hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Frederick served in South Africa from February 1900 to June 1901 and was awarded campaign clasps for Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Belfast, Cape Colony and the Orange Free State. We are told that he had also been awarded the Queen's Medal.
    On 17th April, 1915, Frederick's Battalion (territorials) having been amalgamated with the 4th Battalion, was drafted to France and exactly a week later, on 24th April, it went into action at St Julien and St Jean near Ypres on the Western Front. QMS Barr was wounded and taken to Boulogne General Hospital, where he died the following day.
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Frederick Arthur BARR (1874-1915) YKS-FRA-YKS
Generation 2
[1.02*  ]   Robert APPLETON (~1854-) YKS
[2.01  3]   Hannah BARR (1852-) YKS
Generation 3
[2.02  4]   Oliver BARR (1816-1882) YKS
[3.01*  ]   Ann ATKINSON (1831-1900) YKS
Generation 4
[2.03  5]   William BARR (1776-~1857) YKS--YKS
[4.01*  ]   Ann PLEWS (~1785-) YKS
Generation 5
[2.04  6]   William BARR (~1748-1838) YKS
[5.01*  ]   Elizabeth WATSON (~1748-)
Generation 6
[2.05  7]   Richard BARR (1716-) YKS
[6.01*  ]   Elizabeth SMITHSON (~1714-1775) YKS
Generation 7
[2.06  8]   Francis BARR (1675-1753) YKS
[7.01*  ]   Catherine HAMILTON (~1681-1768) YKS
Generation 8
[2.07  9]   Edward BARRE (~1639-1705) YKS--YKS
[8.01*  ]   Margaret FLINTOFT (~1645-1684) YKS
Generation 9
[2.08   ]   Edward BARRE (~1581-~1650) YKS-ENG-YKS
[9.01*  ]   Elizabeth SMITH (~1610-1673)
Generation 10
[2.09*  ]   Oliver BARRE (~1560-1624) YKS-ENG
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